Edinburgh Book Festival

I am enthused by the interesting insights I have gained into the world of picturebook publishing from the workshops and talks I attended last weekend at the Edinburgh Book Festival:

Mairi Hedderwick, author of the Katie Morag stories shared that it took four years for her first Katie Morag book to be published (Katie Morag delivers the Mail, 1984), giving hope to all aspiring children’s authors.

@AstridJaekel (http://www.astridjaekel.com) shared her winning papercut submission for the design of Charlie Fletcher’s new young adult novel. What a wonderful piece of work integrating all the interesting aspects of the story. Also really interesting to see how it was adapted for the cover of the book.

Julia Eccleshare, Guardian Children’s Books Editor shared her expertise and discussed issues with choosing books for young readers. She highlighted that “as long as we remember there is no such thing as a non-reader, just a child who has not yet found the right book” - motivating! I also learned that there are 10 000 children’s books published in the UK each year and every one of them get sent to Julia’s house!

I also attended the talk with Julia Donaldson and three of her authors but I loved it so much that I am going to have to give that a whole post of it’s own…